My Social Media Philosophy

  1. There is too much noise on the Internet.

  2. Valuable content, not content for content’s sake, is King.

  3. Native content is Queen.  Different platforms should deliver different types of content.

  4. Asking the entire world a question simply to “engage” is stupid.

  5. Not every company needs to be active on every social media platform. If you’re going to do something, do it right.

  6. The path to an excellent social media presence is paved with keen observation of companies who have achieved this.

  7. The brilliance of an individual item won’t matter if nobody sees it.  Keep your followers.

  8. Play it safe.  Keep it genuinely positive– any individual reader can smell inauthenticity at fifty paces.

  9. “Man, I was wondering when Company X would deliver another Steve Jobs quotation!” -Nobody, ever.